Fed up with the illogical confusion of the Left and the corruption of the US government?There is now a grass roots revolution to overthrow of the forces of chaos and stupidity among the US citizenry. While one can use the term grassroots for this change it is more than that. One can see God’s hand in this revolution. Historically and statistically how likely would it be that a figure such as Trump would arise and to defeat the movement in the US toward total corruption and chaos? Let us look at the unusual factors involved;

  • A self made billionaire willing to risk all against a rigged system including assassination.
  • Trump with the stamina of a Olympic champion at the age of 70 yrs old.
  • The criminal DNC and corrupt mafia led by the Clintons and Bushes as well as corrupt elements of the RNC
  • A totally biased main stream media.
  • Trump’s self confidence and ability and toughness to return the enemies “slings and Arrows”.

It is only by God’s hand that such a revolution could have been orchestrated and successful.

Think about it! This is more than an organic movement. We were within a few short steps to a totalitarian overthrow of the U.S. by communists, seditionists, left wing nut cases and the Global Elites. They are now being mowed down by truth, reason and a resurgence of true Christians in this country and around the world.

The radical left has been dealt a serious set back with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. He has and will continue to deliver on most of his campaign promises, unlike politicians of the past. He will encounter great resistance but there is a huge block of the American citizenry behind him. The best weapon we have is ridicule of the various swamp creatures that have infested the American political structure, the entertainment business, the corrupt main stream media and the sinister intelligence agencies that have overplayed their hands for decades and created great evil in our country and the world.


The election of Donald Trump is a great turning point for this country. I started this website about 2 years ago. It is now June of 2018. If Hillary Clinton had become president there would have been no turning back from the demise of the US. God and the American people have taken her and anti-American Globalists down and the ideals they stood for which basically were not ideals but criminality and evil. We will continue to demand that the Clintons be prosecuted for their crimes. History will show the Clintons to among the most degenerate criminal enterprises to have ever existed in human history.

On the top of President Trumps list should be a total cleansing of the Department of Justice, CIA and FBI. We will not forget those that have been traitors to this country and the ideals that it has stood for.


Several months ago a man (or group) appeared on 4chan, and claimed to be an “anonymous Government official” He went by “Q” which stands for Q Clearance anonymous, and it refers to the Q-Level clearance in the Department of Energy. As someone else put it, it’s basically a license to go anywhere, know anything, see anything. If UFOs exist, he knows.

Now, it’s 4chan, and 400 other guys claim the same thing every day, right? Well, nearly immediately this “Insider” began giving us “proofs”, as they are called. He posted a picture from an Airplane Window, looking down on what actually turned out to be Pyongyang, NK. Moments later, the president himself posted a picture from Air Force One, looking out the window to a clear sky. He was returning from a visit to China.

In December, “Q” left a coded post that had cryptic clues, that had to do with a False Flag attack he claimed was about to happen. A day or so later, it was revealed that a Bombing in New York had been prevented. After this attack, the code now would make sense, as it referenced the nationality of the attacker, among other things that escape me at this moment.

Q has leaked images from inside the white house, foretold us about executive orders, predicted a strange power outage in Atlanta International Airport, shown that he was in North Korea, shown his proximity to the highest chambers of governments, and he leaves proofs in almost every post that help to support that, this is a man(group) with the highest clearance you can receive in the government.

When you see all the evidence that absolutely proves his identity, because its a lot, (he posts a proof nearly every week)the real rabbit hole begins.

You’ll begin to see strange coincidences, like the Internet is almost fighting Qs existence, trying to pretend it doesn’t exist and will just go away. After some time, Q was banned from 4chan, and had to go to another chan, 8chan. Almost immediately, automated programs began posting nonstop photos of porn, gore photos, and out right insanity. Nearly immediately, Several other supposed Anons on the internet appeared as well, yet almost all of them could never confirm their identity. They were advertised to the Q boards, and many claimed to know Q or be in on it, yet many of them were quickly either proven fake, called out by Q, or disappeared. The posts almost make no sense at times, yet quite often the post is easily deciphered a week or month later when it’s on the news that North Korea is now cooperative and denuclearizing. (Looking at you next Iran).

I’ve paraphrased parts of an article I read somewhere, but I’d highly recommend you give this a good look over. Fortunately, all of the hard work is usually done by all the other 8chan users, they gather all of the information on this board.

And here is the catalog page because the site is hard to maneuver at first.

After several hacking attempts, Q had to post certain posts on this board. It’s a good gathering of Q posts only, without being embedded in mounds of comments. It’d be a good place to start looking at the actual posts from the man (group).

John C. Moore B.A., M.T.S

Creator of this website.