I have spent 25 plus years in research and education related to subjects presented in this website/blog. I feel compelled to share my journey for others and maybe they can find some benefit in my pursuit of truth. The United States on paper was a great country but greed and evil are taking over at an accelerated pace. In large part this is due to the technology that we have developed. While not bad in and of itself the use this technology is being put to is becoming ever more corrupt and accelerating and enabling ever bolder corruption in our society.

There are kinetic wars all over the world. This is mirrored by spiritual battles all around us. And to understand the reality of our situation it must me realized that human and malevolent evil forces have united to propel these battles into unimagined realms.

Below is a link to a 3.5 hour video that I believe fairly accurately sums up the immense structure of evil that is being built around us. If you can take the time to view this it will greatly accelerate your journey “Down The Rabbit Hole”. While I would not attest to the veracity of everything put forward I can say that it may expand your worldview to a keener perception of the real dynamics of what is going on in the US and the world. For some it may be somewhat of an overload but for me it has connected allot of the dots.

If you view this video and can comprehend what the dark of side of humanity is capable of imagine what is now going on when these forces acquire off world technology and fit it to their purposes. This is happening now and is well advanced. Most persons would find it the stuff of science fiction but it is even beyond the imaginations of most science fiction writers.


Excellent Video


FROM THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY paedophile | pedophile, adj. and n.
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Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˈpiːdəfʌɪl/
, U.S. /ˈpɛdəˌfaɪl/
Forms:  see paedo- comb. form   and -phile comb. form.
Frequency (in current use):  
Origin: Formed within English, by compounding; modelled on a Greek lexical item. Etymons: paedo- comb. form, -phile comb. form.
Etymology: < paedo- comb. form + -phile comb. form, after ancient Greek παιδόϕιλος loving children. Compare French pédophile , adjective (1896 as paidophile in the passage translated in quot. 1904 at sense A.), German Pädophil , noun (1853 as Paedophil ), pädophil , adjective (1877 as paidophil , 1896 as paedophil ). Compare paedophilia n., paedophilic n.Compare the following earlier example of the word as an epithet of Demeter:1833   Classical Man. 113   Pedophile, Gr. from two words expressive of her love for children.
This use is paralleled in French (1745 as Paidophile, 1751 as Pædophile, 1786 as Pédophile) and German (1832 as Pädophile).
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 A. adj.Thesaurus »
  = paedophiliac adj.
1904   ‘Jacobus X’ Crossways Sex I. i. 21   Laupts names him feminiphile or paidophile cerebral [Fr. cérébral paidophile]. He will run after beardless youths and boys of 15 years of age.
1954   Jrnl. Projective Techniques 18 352/1   This sexualized view of a late middle-aged female, by a 26-year-old subject, reflects the strikingly immature confusion of sexual and maternal figures found in the pedophile group.
1977   Sunday Times 30 Jan. 41/2   The paedophile authors he discusses include the diarist Kilvert, Lewis Carroll..and J. M. Barrie.
1987   She Nov. 11/4   Nowadays, of course, Nurse Grace could be had up on a paedophile charge and young Tel could be taken into care.
1995   Guardian 15 July 14/7   A Milwaukee private detective..posed on the Internet as a 14-year-old girl to ensnare paedophilecomputer users.
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 B. n.Thesaurus »
  An adult who is sexually attracted to children.


PEDOVORE: This is a new word that will be added to the Oxford English Dictionary in new editions. This refers to the blood sacrifices/torture of children and their cannibalization. Hard to believe this is happening but the true nature of this evil is being exposed. The human trafficking of children is the currency of the elite. 


The term pedophile is defined as above. This is the closest term we have in English to conveying the abuse and exploitation of children. This term in no way conveys the reality of the situation or the activities of those that exploit the children. Perhaps it is on purpose that we do not have a term for the Satanic ritualized abuse, torture, murder and cannibalization of children that is occurring in the U.S. and the world. There is no subject in the world that more clearly defines that which we live within. There is no way to understand our existence here until one understands the real power structure of the world and upon what it is based. At the top (or bottom depending on one’s worldview) of the power structures of the world is the horrific abuse and sacrifice of young children by an evil cabal of world leaders. One needs only to study the royal family of England to stumble across the “supposed” stories of the blood lust of this lineage and their evil rituals. We are the sheep that feed their vile blood lusts.

More later on this subject. 3-12-2018


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