Many mental health problems are caused by persons that setup false worldviews and cannot adjust psychically when circumstances change and they are unable to develop new meaningful worldviews that give them meaning and hope. There are forces in the world that work to strip persons of hope and meaning. One of the fundamental tenants of Thanatopian Psychology and therapy is that people need to be given the insights and discernment to realize that one of the reasons they may be having difficulties is their inability to learn and grow from life experiences.

An analogy would be a person who decides to adorn themselves with a tattoo of a symbol that is of ultimate importance to them at a particular stage of their lives and then later find out that this symbol no longer holds the meaning for them as it did before.  Events in their lives have given them new insights and the previous symbol no longer carries the meaning it once did.

It is important that people learn to “adapt” their worldviews to ones that give meaning and purpose to their inner psyches.


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