100 page explanation of the operations of the Illuminati toward the initiation of the New World Order. This was authored by William Guy Carr R.D. Royal Canadian Navy in the 50’s. It is a good explanation of what many vaguely perceive but he had spent many years in the systematic study of this subject and has a very cohesive presentation of this subject here.


William Guy Carr R.D. (Commander R.C.N.) Video On His Books



I had been aware of the horrific acts of child abuse and the ritual sacrifice of young children for many years prior to the the above date. It was a subject that I could not deal with easily so I put it on the back burner of my mind. Then in early 2016 Wikileaks came out with the Podesta emails opening up the Pizzagate “conspiracy theories”. I knew these were legitimate emails that were exposing the darkest of the dark. While the MSM, much to their discredit and corruption ignored this or made it sound crazy I knew it was truth. I also realized that John Podesta as head of the DNC and one of the most influential persons in Wash DC represented the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  Just seeing the artwork collection of him and his brother gave me the creeps. How many more were involved? I still do not know but I believe the numbers to be immense among the elitists that rule. And, of course, HRC was implicated in this cabal of devils as well as Barry Sotero. President Donald Trump is taking this corruption down as proven by the Magnitsky Executive order in Dec 2017 and the enormous numbers of pedophiles that have been and are being arrested and prosecuted in the U.S. and worldwide. He is literally taking on the Devil. This is why the MSM is so viscous in their attacks upon him. I believe that over time as the swamp is drained that we will find out that his most vehement attackers are actually involved in the cabal of evil that we are now faced with and taking down.

There are many now that have become aware of this evil but many/most others who when confronted with this reality dismiss it (and you) as ridiculous. I would have also 20 yrs ago but I now know better. I have also struggled with ways to describe this reality of existence and the term pedophilia was not adequate. But recently came across a word that I now will be using to describe these people….PEDOVORES.  I have provided a link below to a very good video on this subject:

from the SGT Report

Hopefully this link will work for awhile before it is censored. At any rate remember the term Pedovore. You will hear this term more and more in the coming weeks, months and years. The term pedophilia is not adequate to describe what we are facing. Those involved in such abhorrent non human acts must be eradicated from among us. 



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