Proof of a Flat Earth started to go viral in January of 2015. Go to You Tube and do a search on Flat Earth and if you have any common sense and cognitive skills left you will find that the Heliocentric Earth model is probably the greatest hoax perpetuated on humans in the last 5 centuries. You can discount this statement; but if you do a little research on the Internet* you will find this to be the truth.

So called Truthers and Alternate Media sites are rapidly working to revise their worldviews and assimilate this disclosure. While many sites have done great things in revealing the deceitful matrix we live in,  most were still enmeshed in the Heliocentric worldview and not prepared for this challenge to their cognitive functions.

Many as they awake to the fact that we have been so greatly deceived by the so called “experts” and “scientists” of our times may become discouraged or be intimidated by mythmatical chalkboard scribbles of proponents of heliocentric worldviews. Some may even despair over finding any truth in this world. But there is objective rational truth that you can find and discern. I feel badly for many of the youth of the world that are having to live within this system of deceit and dishonesty. But if you make truth and wisdom your goals you will find others that can help you on your journey and work in your own way to provide a path for others.

  • It is unfortunate now that we no longer have trustworthy sources for information. Oftentimes we have to go to the Internet and places such as You Tube to get to the real truth of things. This requires time and discernment and access to high speed communication lines. But almost all sources are corrupt.

I will have much more to say on the subject in the coming months but for those that are new to this subject and have not figured out yet that the Heliocentric model of where we live is a total hoax you might want to start your education at the following site:

Site by Marrk Sargent The Enclosed World

Here is a link to a very good documentary that provides flat earth proofs. It is a bit long and somewhat technical and scientific but would be good for those that want to look at well done experiments that prove the earth is flat. NUMEROUS SCIENTIFIC PROOFS THAT EARTH IS FLAT

Also by Mark Sargent is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLltxIX4B8_URNUzDE2sXctnUAEXgEDDGn

I will be adding additional sites on this page that provides more empirical evidence for the Flat Earth worldview on this page. I have been following this debate for one year now and there are thousands of sites that are doing experiments and insights into where we do live. It needs to be understood that this is a grassroots effort that does not have the enormous monetary resources that the government has. This will limit and slow the progress of this effort but “whistle blowers” and data is coming forward at a rapid pace. At the higher levels of organizations such as the NASA and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency one can be assured that they know the earth is a plain and an enclosed world.


May 8, 2016





Dear _______________,

            For decades and centuries now academic institutions have been propagating a  Heliocentric worldview to their students and censoring real science and empirical research that proves we are living in a Geocentric system. Possibly you have not noticed the growing awareness from millions of people that the academic systems in this country have taken real science and have made it into a system of “scientism” that is essentially no more than a form of religion.  This deceit has now grown to the point that it should be a source of embarrassment to academia and seriously undermines the mission of organizations that continue to pander scientism as empirical science.


            Students are paying large tuition fees for a defective product. The foolishness of the science behind the Heliocentric cosmology is blatant. This false cosmology is most apparent in the Earth Science courses that are being taught but effect almost every other area of study at universities and colleges throughout the country.


            Educational institutions that fail to realign their curriculums and stubbornly hold up fanciful occult constructs from outdated “natural philosophers” as science will lose in the long run because students will find programs that actually help them develop truthful worldviews and exhibit intellectual integrity.


            It would be our hope that your well respected institution would re-examine your curriculums related to this issue. You will find that more and more students coming into your programs will be challenging your organization’s integrity and will not abide instruction based on false epistemologies.


Sincerely yours,