The main purpose of this website is to assist myself and others to create meaningful worldviews—worldviews based on truth. But when we live in a world filled with deceit, vanity, evil, greed and  self interest this can be a very difficult process.  Worldviews constructed under the fear of death, which is part of our ontological natures, are extremely fragile and suspect. I don’t believe many of us will find ultimate truth until liberated from this prison planete through death but we can increase truth in our lives by moving toward the light.

Please note that I am Christian and ascribe to the simplicity of the Gospel message but I have always needed to go deeper. I feel that Scripture along with the book of Enoch and the Holy Spirit and God  give us what we need but for those that need but I have found many writers, philosophers, theologians, scientists and others to help me understand better.

Below is a 3 hour video that I believe to be generally accurate and it is well documented. I would call the endgame system TRANSHUMAN TOTALITARIANISM. The insights in this video go much deeper into this mystery we call life. In the final analysis, to me, I see us in a spiritual battle fighting the enmity of Satan who hates mankind. But to continue on earth he needs man because he lives off of our dark energies. He does not know love or empathy. We defeat him by love.

The links and resources in this website contain most of the knowledge that I have gleaned over my lifetime into our situation (as of the end of 2018). I am sure that more will come to me as I go along but this video may be more than some would wish to ponder so beware. None of us in our current state know the full truth. My thank to the author of “theplanetruth” website for putting this video together. I am not sure if he is Christian but I consider his site to be excellent.


For many the subjects of 911 as an inside job, Chemtrails, Haarp, Morgellon’s Disease, and democide are considered conspiracy theories or subjects not worthy of any further reflection. The truth will be found in these conspiracy theories as we penetrate the lies.






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