At no other time have there been so many information sources for people to look to for news and insight to current events and interpretations. Unfortunately, many of these sources have become politicized and unreliable for any semblance of truth. So now we have both academia and news organizations that are totally corrupt and frankly evil. They pander and promote false worldviews and left wing propaganda. They encourage violence and discord and division.  Many of these organizations should be dissolved and the owners and their leading propagandists be tried for sedition and treason.

Basically we have a worse system of propaganda than the Soviet Union at it’s peak. It is more effective and invasive in our thought processes. Old school propaganda was so bad that it was easily discernible as propaganda and generally ridiculed as such.


At this site I have tried to provide links and resources to information, research and news that can be relied on to be factual, devoid of propaganda. In general sites and sources that are given the label of “Conservative” are generally more reliable for truth. Left wing organizations are generally pandering to the furtherance of false worldviews and deception. Unfortunately many of the US populace buy into this type of thought vanity.


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