The Greatest Deceit In 500 Years:

So now we find out that the Heliocentric Universe is a hoax. Well this just confirms the nature of the Pathocracy we live in and the Spiritual Nature of our existence. We are now living in the period of The Great Flat Earth Disclosure.  Despite the fact the the Mainstream Media and the general populace is still enamored with the fantastical Heliocentric model of the universe, there is an organic grassroots movement the has recognized that this is a lie. Technology is now within the economic means of many people that show we are living on a plane not a globe. HD cameras, telescopes, binoculars, and other devices are now common in Western societies and with these devices we are showing there is no curvature to the earth along with other discoveries about where we are living. NASA has been exposed as a giant psyop on the Western World. This movement has grown rapidly, based on real empirical science, not theoretical technobabble. This Disclosure will lead to The Great Leveling as pseudo-science will be exposed and a great realignment will occur in all aspects of Western culture starting with Academia which will have to yield to the real empirical science. This is an uphill battle as the shackles of mind control that has enslaved people’s minds are bit by bit unlocked and the magic spells inflicted by the White Coats gradually wears off.

It is long overdue and will be an enormous event in the historical annals that will serve as a warning in the future to never again let small groups of elitists hold the power over the masses. We can thank technology to a large degree for unraveling this conspiracy propagated by secret societies and cults.



If you thought this world was strange you now know it if you have realized the greatest hoax ever–the Heliocentric Universe. WOW. So now everything is up for grabs. But don’t despair…there is objective reality and there are people that aren’t liars and pathocrats and Lucifer isn’t winning this battle.


As a younger man I often believed the data and research findings of “credible” organizations. Now I do not give much credence to any information put out by any institutions or government entities. There is no integrity among these institutions. Real Statistics They have all been caught in scandalous lies and falsifications that in the past would have and should have put many of the leaders of these organizations in jail or worse. Lying and greed have now become customary and it seems the bigger the deceit the greater the approbation from their peers and colleagues. Let’s list a few of these once respected organizations: FBI, DEA, FDA, NIST, CIA, FCC, BLM, BATF, CDC, NRC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, ICE, NSA, Pentagon, NASA, NOAA etc. etc.

Michael The Archangel

Michael The Archangel

Almost all academic, media, religious and government institutions were compromised in the web of lies and coverups generated by the 911 event that directly cost thousands of lives and indirectly millions. For almost a decade and a half this corruption continues and now the ramifications of exposing the truth of this event would devastate the American people and overthrow the current ruling classes. Americans have become mocked and despised throughout the world. This epic event is just one of the most glaring demonstrations of the corruption endemic in American culture and society. This subject could easily make for a 1000 page book in small font just to write the basic outline for an expose of the corruption involved in the planning and coverup of just this event alone, apart from subsequent scams being run on the American people.

But this event has been overshadowed by the ever growing awareness that NASA is a cesspool of Freemason-Illuminati wickedness in the promotion of a totally false and fanciful conceptions of the world we live in. The world is not the Heliocentric model they have presented to us but rather a Flat Earth/Plane that is enclosed all around. As more and more people become conscious of this great deception the ramifications in the US and the world will be enormous.The high and mighty will be exposed as the criminals they are and all aspects of society and culture will be brought into question.

All one can do now is laugh at these bloated self important Pharisaical blow-fish that we frequently see on the media providing us litanies of lies and sound bites. Full of sound and furry signifying nothing and standing for their own vanity and self interest. Those whom have shown some integrity have been demonized and marginalized or eliminated.

From now on when you turn the TV on and see some pompous ass receiving some high and mighty award it is usually more indicative of his/her abilities in emulating a jellyfish or their pathology than it is of their integrity or actual acumen.

“Conspiracy” Theories

The phrase “conspiracy theory” has been demonized in the American culture. This has been done purposefully so we do not delve into subjects that the ruling elitists do not want to be exposed or brought to light.

As soon as most people hear some establishment shill speak of something as a “conspiracy theory” you are supposed to dismiss this as craziness.

I would suggest to you that instead of turning your cognitive reasoning off when you hear this phrase that you actually look deeper at what they are trying to sell you. Chances are they are selling you BS and the real truth can be found somewhere within the conspiracy theory.


If you pursue truth and actually want to know what is going on then retrain your mind and perception skills to turn off this mind control system that has been so thoroughly engrained in your consciousness.

Living in the Land of the Dead

Most of us are sheeple–people living as sheep being led to slaughter. Few stop to truly observe and question but simply follow someone else who has constructed a worldview that we can ascribe to. Without the knowledge that we are living under the ever present fear of our own mortal finitude we are fickle psychic creatures. It is difficult to face the true desperation of our situation.

Christian Existential Reality

Law, Grace, Love, and Evil are all great themes in scripture and in life. For many Christianity has become list of platitudes and self serving scriptural interpretations. But when we dig deeper we will find that the Christian story is one that touches the fundamental elements/themes of human ontology and our existential lives lived in a broken world. No other worldview can incorporate the elements of our fundamental ontology as does Christianity. This blog and web and forthcoming book will take one into a deeper understanding of Christianity than can be found in the general discourses on the subject and hopefully will serve as what I would call ontological apologetics because Christianity is the fundamental answer to many of the mysteries of our existence.


While Dr. Ernest Becker never espoused Christianity as his belief system his understanding of man’s fear of death is one of the most important keys is understanding the Christian faith and serves in many ways as psychologically empirical evidence for the truth found in this faith. In it we also the find the etiology of human evil.

Central to this is Hebrews 2:15

” Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15and might free those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives.

How well scripture parallels human existential reality.

The Worthless Mass Media

At no time in history has mankind been so mesmerized by artificial media. The majority of the media that surrounds us is designed to present false worldviews. Scientists and the media complex have studied mind control extensively and use this to control our actions and culture. As these control mechanisms extend and proliferate through new medias it becomes ever more apparent the truths that Dr. Becker delineated to us. Few can reach the insights into this mind control system unless they recognize the efforts that are made to disguise the real reality of the existential situation in which we live.

Most of us have been deceived by this sophisticated artificial matrix that has been constructed around us.

Playing upon the “fear of death” marketers and media entities pander to escapist propaganda and the presentation of distortions that get absorbed into the cultural and societal collective unconscious. Between this blog and the Thanatopian Institute’s website many of these deceits will be exposed. Some of these distortions are done purposefully and others done unwittingly.

This link will take you to a short video done by Dr. Uldo Ulfkatte that describes how world media now operates.

Click on this to see Dr. Ulfkatte 13 minute video on how the mainstream media actually operates.