The Greatest Deceit In 500 Years:

So now we find out that the Heliocentric Universe is a hoax. Well this just confirms the nature of the Pathocracy we live in and the Spiritual Nature of our existence. We are now living in the period of The Great Flat Earth Disclosure.  Despite the fact the the Mainstream Media and the general populace is still enamored with the fantastical Heliocentric model of the universe, there is an organic grassroots movement the has recognized that this is a lie. Technology is now within the economic means of many people that show we are living on a plane not a globe. HD cameras, telescopes, binoculars, and other devices are now common in Western societies and with these devices we are showing there is no curvature to the earth along with other discoveries about where we are living. NASA has been exposed as a giant psyop on the Western World. This movement has grown rapidly, based on real empirical science, not theoretical technobabble. This Disclosure will lead to The Great Leveling as pseudo-science will be exposed and a great realignment will occur in all aspects of Western culture starting with Academia which will have to yield to the real empirical science. This is an uphill battle as the shackles of mind control that has enslaved people’s minds are bit by bit unlocked and the magic spells inflicted by the White Coats gradually wears off.

It is long overdue and will be an enormous event in the historical annals that will serve as a warning in the future to never again let small groups of elitists hold the power over the masses. We can thank technology to a large degree for unraveling this conspiracy propagated by secret societies and cults.



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  1. It is now December 2015. It has been about a year since people began to make videos disproving the Heliocentric worldview. Flat Earthers are making more and more inroads in getting the truth out. Debates have already occurred on Coast to Coast and The Art Bell show. When the subject is debated properly in a neutral situation the empirical evidence for the Flat Earth is indisputable. Once people realize that NASA’s photos are actually composites and CGIs there is little ground to prove the Heliocentric model. On December 30th on The Art Bell Show there will another debate between Mark Sargent and Stanton Friedman.

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