As a younger man I often believed the data and research findings of “credible” organizations. Now I do not give much credence to any information put out by any institutions or government entities. There is no integrity among these institutions. Real Statistics They have all been caught in scandalous lies and falsifications that in the past would have and should have put many of the leaders of these organizations in jail or worse. Lying and greed have now become customary and it seems the bigger the deceit the greater the approbation from their peers and colleagues. Let’s list a few of these once respected organizations: FBI, DEA, FDA, NIST, CIA, FCC, BLM, BATF, CDC, NRC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, ICE, NSA, Pentagon, NASA, NOAA etc. etc.

Michael The Archangel

Michael The Archangel

Almost all academic, media, religious and government institutions were compromised in the web of lies and coverups generated by the 911 event that directly cost thousands of lives and indirectly millions. For almost a decade and a half this corruption continues and now the ramifications of exposing the truth of this event would devastate the American people and overthrow the current ruling classes. Americans have become mocked and despised throughout the world. This epic event is just one of the most glaring demonstrations of the corruption endemic in American culture and society. This subject could easily make for a 1000 page book in small font just to write the basic outline for an expose of the corruption involved in the planning and coverup of just this event alone, apart from subsequent scams being run on the American people.

But this event has been overshadowed by the ever growing awareness that NASA is a cesspool of Freemason-Illuminati wickedness in the promotion of a totally false and fanciful conceptions of the world we live in. The world is not the Heliocentric model they have presented to us but rather a Flat Earth/Plane that is enclosed all around. As more and more people become conscious of this great deception the ramifications in the US and the world will be enormous.The high and mighty will be exposed as the criminals they are and all aspects of society and culture will be brought into question.

All one can do now is laugh at these bloated self important Pharisaical blow-fish that we frequently see on the media providing us litanies of lies and sound bites. Full of sound and furry signifying nothing and standing for their own vanity and self interest. Those whom have shown some integrity have been demonized and marginalized or eliminated.

From now on when you turn the TV on and see some pompous ass receiving some high and mighty award it is usually more indicative of his/her abilities in emulating a jellyfish or their pathology than it is of their integrity or actual acumen.