At no time in history has mankind been so mesmerized by artificial media. The majority of the media that surrounds us is designed to present false worldviews. Scientists and the media complex have studied mind control extensively and use this to control our actions and culture. As these control mechanisms extend and proliferate through new medias it becomes ever more apparent the truths that Dr. Becker delineated to us. Few can reach the insights into this mind control system unless they recognize the efforts that are made to disguise the real reality of the existential situation in which we live.

Most of the corruption and deceitfulness of the Mass Media can be blamed on the CIA Mockingbird program which started in the 60’s and still continues. This program infiltrated the large media organizations to spread false narratives and information to the American people as well as worldwide. It has tenaciously spread it’s tentacles to create a very false reality of events and circumstances. Currently (2018) the Mainstream Media can be considered treasonous and an enemy combatant of American sovereignty. I believe that their corruption is now becoming widely recognized by many Americans and out of the collapse of these entities will arise new future protections against such sedition. But for now they still have significant influence.

Most of us have been deceived by this sophisticated artificial matrix that has been constructed around us.

Playing upon the “fear of death” marketers and media entities pander to escapist propaganda and the presentation of distortions that get absorbed into the cultural and societal collective unconscious. Between this blog and the Thanatopian Institute’s website many of these deceits will be exposed. Some of these distortions are done purposefully and others done unwittingly.

This link will take you to a short video done by Dr. Uldo Ulfkatte that describes how world media now operates.

Click on this to see Dr. Ulfkatte 13 minute video on how the mainstream media actually operates.