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Some people are motivated to discover truth. I am one of those. Of all things in the world I covet truth. Some people covet money, others romance, others fame and power. But I got this for my quest for better or worse. In my journey down this path I discovered Kierkegaard, Jung, Tillich, and many others. But when I read Dr. Becker’s work called The Denial of Death I realized that he had synthesized the essence of our ontological natures and I found this book to be one of the most important works I have ever read. He proposed that our fear of death was the major prime mover in the human ontological makeup. After the basic needs of the person were met then the quest for a metaphysical system became of supreme importance because of the individual’s comprehension of their finitude. This was over 30 years ago. The battle for truth is centered on the constructs of worldviews and inciting violence. If you understand that the fear of death is a fundamental component of human ontology you can use this knowledge for either good or evil.

Heb 2-15 clear

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Then I went on for advanced degrees and continued myquest for truth. Things became stagnant and despite having access to very good libraries I became bored and felt that no one really could guide me much further in my quest. Becker’s book was brilliant but intellectual epiphanies became less frequent.

That is, until, I started my journey down the rabbit hole. Reality IS stranger than fiction. Truth is censored and one has to throw off conventional platitudes and dusty tombs of worthless musings from encrusted minds whose pineal glands were long ago calcified.

Sometimes he gets some courage up.

Sometimes he gets some courage up.

This blog will to some degree reconstruct my journey down the rabbit hole to the construction of a worldview that is again meaningful and of use to me in my daily struggle for truth and survival. This journey has in many ways taken me full circle back to my adolescence constructs and interpretations of reality (similar to Ecclesiastes in Bible) . I had to leave behind many dimwitted so called scholars and political pun-dents. Chances are that if you seek truth you will not find it in the regular pathways of academia or contemporary culture. Begin to look twice and three times at ideas and persons before you dismiss them. This site is basically a tool that some could choose to use in the development of worldviews and will provide some links that will connect you to some resources that I use and to elaborate on the basic premise that false worldviews are the cause of great evil in this world.