DO YOU REMEMBER? September 2016. I had always hoped that he would use this as his theme song but for political reasons he probably couldn’t (or may be copyright stuff). At any rate this is when I knew.


One of the primary purposes of this website is DISCLOSURE. Among the major things that the Cabal of Evil has used over the centuries and millennium is Secrecy, Information Suppression and Deceit. This is particularly true in this period of the ubiquitous Internet Access. The Mainstream Media is indeed the Enemy of the People and has used the Internet and Media to create polarization and discord in our societies. It has created false worldviews that often result in evil, violence and societal chaos. Of prominence are the conflicts between Cabal sponsored narratives and real truth derived from thoughtful research, event analysis, and empirical facts. Thus the label of “Conspiracy Theory” is applied to anything outside the approved narratives and then ridicule and censoring of those who are still able to think for themselves. Soon the People will find out that the majority of what they have been trained to call Conspiracy Theories are to varying degrees true. One of the best ways to eliminate much of the discord and polarization in our societies is to tell the people the truth (apart from necessary military technologies needed for their security and safety). My work is self funded and I am not a member of any “secret societies”. I am Christian but I do not belong to any particular denomination though in my early years I was trained to be a Lutheran pastor and also spent 10 years employed as an IT manager at a Catholic seminary.

Some people are motivated to discover truth. I am one of those. Of all things in the world I covet truth. Some people covet money, others romance, others fame and power. In my early journey down this path I discovered the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, Kierkegaard, Dr. Carl Jung, the theologian Paul Tillich, and many many others. Ecclesiastes reinforced my intuitive beliefs that human beings were vain irrational creatures whose reasoning abilities were greatly impaired. This was one of my fundamental ontological building blocks. I never was impressed to much by authority figures and those that enshrined human reason. Little did I know or suspect where this journey would lead me. Directly into the bowels of hell right under our feet literally. For those of you that want to take a tour of hell first and skip the philosophical and theological stuff just go to the section of this website called The Battles For Planet Earth and The Deep Underground Military Bases (aka DUMBs) accessed from the Main Menu at the top of the page. After you have comprehended the “horror” then you can come back to this section and others on this website that will help you understand who we are, where will live and what we can do to set things right again. For many of us that have been brainwashed and mind-controlled to laugh at such notions as the existence of a being called Satan you will soon learn that He does exist and that He hates humanity.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

When I read Dr. Becker’s work called The Denial of Death some years later I realized that he had synthesized/articulated another fundamental building block of our ontological natures. I found this book to be one of the most important works I have ever read. He joined others such as Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Otto Rank and many others who knew this as well but he linked it from a scientific and modern psychological viewpoint. He/they proposed that our fear of death*** was the major prime mover in the human ontological makeup. After the basic needs of the person were met then the quest for a metaphysical system (worldview) became of supreme importance because of the individual’s apprehension of their mortality. This is one of the most important keys in the understanding this existence. This was over 45 years ago when I first read this book and is still true for me today. While Dr. Becker was a secular Jewish scholar this work for me lead directly back to the Christian Gospel and Hebrews 2:15 in the New Testament. As with most Truth even though Dr. Becker had won a Pulitzer Prize for this book it is not often used in the modern Psychology Curriculums. If you come to understand the fear of death (thanatopsis) theme common to all humanity then I also believe you will understand what Christ said on the cross “FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO“. Two of Satan’s most important goals are to hide the existence of God and then play upon the Fear of Death to create chaos, evil and suffering in the world. It wasn’t till years later that I realized Planet Earth should actually have been called Plantation Earth or perhaps The Prison Planet. Nor would I have ever understood the term Pedoempire (BTW-It is not widely known that George Soros was a philosopher as well as a Cabal member. You can find a short interview clip in which he shows his knowledge of thanatopsis as a key metaphysical ontological component of the human psyche. He, of course, used this knowledge for great evil).

***When most people are asked if they fear death they will boldly dismiss this question with a variety of scripted answers. Are they truly in touch with their “subconscious”? For a true Christian that has a daily/hourly walk with God the fear of death plays an ever decreasing role in their subconscious/consciousness because they have obtained the “Blessed Assurance” of actually having a personal relationship with Him. One thus becomes focused on the eternal rather than the temporal storms that comes with life in our 3D existence.

Along with Becker’s work Franz Kafka’s movie “The Trial” was significant for me. At age 21 in the Geology Library (filled with an audience of priests and nuns on an early Saturday morning) I first viewed this film (strange place for this showing and I just happened to stumble upon this event–providence). For me it illustrated for the meaning of “Satan as the Great Accuser of mankind before God”. Most see this film in the context of the political polemics of the world. But there is a deeper level to this film. Orson Welles the producer of this film was a most unusual character. He also produced/directed the film Citizen Kane (released in 1941) which many have lauded as one of the greatest films of all time. It wasn’t till years later after viewing Citizen Kane again that I realized it was about “adrenochrome”, child trafficking, and MKULTR. I’ll let you speculate about who and what Mr. Welles was (I have a pretty good idea already).

My academic interest were about the pursuit of truth along with developing a skill set from which I could make a living and not end up poor like my parents. I had no interests in being a “Rhodes Scholar” or such. With Geology I got to play in the dirt and maybe then go make money working on the Alaskan pipeline (which never happened of course). I wish someone back then had told me “gravity is a push not a pull” because then I could have pursued my interests in the Greek and Roman Classics versus learning Geological mythologies.

The “question” of God had never really been an issue for me. I knew He existed from my teenage years because of revelations and epiphanies I had. There was no choice for me…..I knew there was a God and Jesus was His son. I also knew that Satan existed as well. I do, however, wish He or someone would have mentioned something about these malevolent Archons that had been ruling Earth for 10’s of 1000’s of years. I probably would have figured it out earlier if I had kept playing in the dirt as a working Geologist since I might have stumbled across one of their hiding places and their hordes of Gold. It took me another 40 plus years to figure this out although I had my suspicions.

(I have always found it interesting that 2 significant Christian Apologists (although they certainly did not intend to be) for me were of Jewish background, one of whom was secular and the other an occultist. They both illustrated for me “empirical metaphysical” proofs of the Gospel message).


The Babylonian money/slave matrix was constructed in this world to keep you in a survival mindset and consume your time and spirit in this pursuit. This system is now being overthrown by humanity that is now awakening. The Earth is now entering a new Golden era.




Heb 2-15 clear

After College and Seminary I went on for advanced degrees and continued my quest for truth. But things became stagnant and despite having access to very good libraries I became bored and felt that no one really could guide me much further in my quest. (Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. Ecclesiastes 12:12 KJV)

Then I started my journey down the rabbit hole. Reality IS stranger than fiction. Truth is censored and one has to throw off conventional platitudes and dusty tombs of worthless musings from encrusted minds whose pineal glands were long ago calcified and/or they sold their souls for fame, fortune and power.

Sometimes he gets some courage up.


I had realized a long time ago that we were living in a carefully constructed matrix of lies designed to suppress the truth. Two worlds–one for the elite and entitled slave masters and one for their slaves. William Tompkins was a 93 year old scientist for the government’s Secret Space Program when he made the following video with David Wilcox. Tompkins knew the full history of the space programs and the vast distance between the Cabal sanctioned “truths” we are supposed to believe vs. the actual truth. Listen to the early part of this video for his insights into how much we have been lied to: I would highly recommend that you would pay to see the full Cosmic Disclosure series by David Wilcoch to really understand the parallel civilization and advanced technologies that the elitist’s of the world have constructed. Or for free you could view this 4 hour video on the Secret Space Program on You Tube: Introduction to the Secret Space Program 101, James Rink, Johan Fritz, FESIG 18 Nov 2020:

This website will to some degree reconstruct my journey down the rabbit hole to the construction of a worldview that is again meaningful and of use to me in my daily struggle for truth and survival. This journey has in many ways taken me full circle back to my early adolescence intuitions and interpretations of reality. I had to leave behind many dimwitted so called scholars and political pun-dents. If you seek truth you will not find it in the regular pathways of academia or contemporary culture. Begin to look twice and three times at ideas and persons off the beaten tracks before you dismiss them. This site is basically a tool that some could choose to use in the development of worldviews and will provide some links that will connect you to resources that I have discovered. Deceptive worldviews are the cause of great evils in this world.

Never as a young college and seminary student could I have ever believed nor accepted that we lived in such a corrupt/evil world and at the same time such a beautiful world (as a precursor to God’s world that awaits) . Most of us cannot comprehend the real evil that is among us nor the real beauty of this existence. I respected many of my teachers and professors and my fellow students. I never saw the evil that was carefully hidden within the system and even many of the PHD types and so-called scholars still offer their fruit to this decrepit system of lies. It would have been better for many of the “erudite” scholars and scientists in our educational systems to have gotten a remote cabin in the woods and howl at the moon then to have spent thousands of dollars and laborious research hours to obtain stature and prominence in their chosen career paths. As a small sampling of the depths of the corruption and lies that we are living under here are a couple of links to some good resources and information (and oh BTW Gravity is a push not a pull).


Nancy Pelosi: Who is she really?

(Please note that on both the left and right side of this website are links to resources that I consider to be mostly truthful as best as I can/could determine. I am nobody’s guru and I do not have a monopoly on truth. I continue to learn and grow each day/week/month/year. The info/links on this website are based on years of research and education. It might save you some time and hopefully give you some shortcuts on your journey. You will soon be finding out that 90% of the things they have called “Conspiracy Theories” are to various degrees true.)


I have had many epiphanies of knowledge in my life but it was not until my mid 60’s that I finally realized that to a great extent we are ruled by very very wicked people (Elite Satanic Globalists) who hold high positions in government, Hollywood, the media, Government, Industry and some in the military. They hide in these areas of power for protection and to continue in their depravity. (I would estimate that 30% of humanity are Satanists. Of that 30% a much smaller percentage are inclined or susceptible to pay the full price that would be required to attain the power, fame and money to attain the highest levels in the Satanic hierarchy. This is my current estimate and it may vary). They have a common bond–depravity. The abuse and sacrifice of the innocent is their means to power and their currency. They promote from within their ranks to positions of power and wealth.  For the most part they are very wealthy individuals whose natures are perverse and contrary to our natures as compassionate human beings . They perform ritual occult sacrifice and torture of the innocent and believe they gain power thru such deviant evil practices. Many are judges, politician, actors, performers, priests, Generals, and corporate moguls. All governments and large corporations and institutions of prominence are controlled by these individuals/entities currently. While I have always believed from an adolescent that evil exists I could never imagine the depths of depravity that these persons engage in. Many reading this will discount my insights and I don’t blame you. Most of us cannot fathom or imagine such corruption and human depravity. The currency of the elite is/was children. It is worldwide and the U.S. plays a key role in this “INDUSTRY”. Billions/trillions of dollars is involved in this system of evil. (These individuals are now being purged from their positions and as of 2020 great progress has been made in this process by the U.S. Military and the Alliance Forces as the Earth goes through the Ascension period).


 It was Wikileaks (Julian Assange) that exposed the emails of the Podesta’s and Clinton’s that used language that cloaked their evil practices involving pedophilia and the ritual sacrifice, torture and cannibalization of young children. John Podesta was the DNC chairman and a very powerful individual in Washington D.C. It was then I realized that his influence and power was based on his Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children and that he was the tip of the iceberg. Basically he was a “pimp” for Lucifer, introducing potential candidates into what he believed to be the power system of the world. This has a great deal to do with why the Democratic Party has become a spectacle of moral and spiritual dementia. They live in an inverse universe. In their quest for power and money many have literally “sold their souls”. In the coming years it will become a well known fact that such evil exists as they are exposed. (There are also many Republican politicians also involved but it seems much more prevalent among Democratic Party leadership).

On a more positive note we now have the Trump administration and patriots in the military that are prosecuting and deconstructing and organizations involved in such activities as well as targeting and arresting the individuals involved. This is why Trump is the target of such hatred and vitriol by the establishment media and politicians. This battle to them strikes at the heart of the beast of the Satanic empire and is both physical and spiritual. Many attempts on the lives of Trump and his family have occurred as of this date (November 2020). The effects of this pogrom upon the Satanist’s is occurring both in the U.S. and worldwide. God’s hand is definitely in this. These abominations must be purged from our societies. Note: I have never been very much interested in politics but I began to study more in this area as I began to note the ever encroaching evil in our culture, society and political leadership. I knew that 911 was an inside job and our country would never be fixed until this false flag event was exposed. Little did I know the evil I would discover nor how complex and ingrained in our cultures it had become. Corruption is endemic in both parties but I discovered that at the roots of our political leadership there was a Satanic infestation. It was Wikileaks that awakened me to this. But I had yet to discover the scale of the corruption.

Home, come on home Ye who are weary come home Softly and tenderly calling Home, come on home


In addition to this hidden Satanic Occult world that the Elite Power Brokers live in there is an enormous technological information gap between the Elite and us Commoners. This gap has continued to widen since the 1940’s (if not before) when the work of Nikola Tesla was suppressed by those motivated by greed and  evil to thwart free energy and many of the advances being made in technology. Only carefully selected scientists and researchers are chosen to work in many of these areas. We often naively assume that the “learned professors” that teach us at our colleges and universities are at the pinnacles of scientific knowledge when in fact they are mostly as deceived as the rest of us and much of their research is gibberish based on false science and theories.

I often muse on how Trump can remain so steady under the withering barrage of media attacks upon him as well as physical threats. As of October 2020 there have been at least 70 assassination attempts and plots on him. One can only wonder how he survived all of these. It became apparent to me early on that God had chosen this individual for these times. What does he know and what information resources does he have at his disposal that gives him such resilience, energy, confidence and foresight? I believe clues to this can be found, if one does some research into his past mentors/associates/family, Looking Glass technology, and Artificial Intelligence. And there is more to be added to his composite at a later time. THE FAMOUS TRUMP SPEECH OF 2016: DONALD TRUMP GIVES ONE OF HIS BEST SPEECHES IN HIS 2016 CAMPAIGN, EVEN MORE RELEVANT IN 2020! MAGA

It is readily apparent to those that choose to do some study off the beaten tracks that there have been literally Trillions of dollars spent on BLACK BUDGET PROJECTS and involving technologies we know very little about. We have been carefully programed to react negatively anytime the words “conspiracy theory“.  At this point in my research I believe that about 80-90 percent of what are called conspiracy theories are true to varying degrees. If you hear the Mainstream Media calling something a conspiracy theory it is a pretty good pointer for you to do more research. Here is one interview with a Dr. Richard Sauder that was done for the SGT REPORT that discusses where some of these monies have been spent. While I do not agree with some aspects of the worldviews presented in this I feel overall it is generally correct:


Today is March 12, 2018. Google/You Tube are in the process of mass censorship of content on areas of the Internet that they control. I am in the process of fixing broken links that they have censored and adding some newer content. This will take a few days and I expect them to continue to censor “truth” so this will probably be an ongoing process. This is unacceptable for this country. Efforts are being made by the Trump administration to control this censorship and to some degree it has been successful but this process started 2 weeks ago and if it continues it would indicate to me that the deep state is still in control in some areas. I will update this post in a month to see how things are going.

March 21, 2018 (Update) Thousands of You Tube sites, Twitter Accounts, Reddit posts and other websites were censored and deleted but Internet users have been fighting back and silicon valley is having to respond by the restoration of many cites/accounts and some tempering of their attacks on free speech. Officials in the Trump administration were appraised of this censoring and through warnings from “white hats” in U.S. intelligence agencies, such as the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, the leftist from these organizations are backing down to some degree. This is an ongoing battle.


As a younger man I often believed the data and research findings of “credible” organizations. Now I do not give much credence to any information put out by any institutions or government entities. There is no integrity among these institutions. Real Statistics They have all been caught in scandalous lies and falsifications that in the past would have and should have put many of the leaders of these organizations in jail or worse. Lying and greed have now become customary and it seems the bigger the deceit the greater the approbation from their peers and colleagues. Let’s list a few of these once respected organizations: FBI, DEA, FDA, NIST, CIA, FCC, BLM, BATF, CDC, NRC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, ICE, NSA, Pentagon, NASA, NOAA etc. etc.

Almost all academic, media, religious and government institutions were compromised in the web of lies and coverups generated by the 911 event that directly cost thousands of lives and indirectly millions. For almost a decade and a half this corruption continues and now the ramifications of exposing the truth of this event would devastate the American people and overthrow the current ruling classes. Americans have become mocked and ridiculed throughout the world  because of their naivety. This epic event is just one of the most glaring demonstrations of the corruption endemic in American culture and society. This subject could easily make for a 2000 page book in small font just to write the basic outline for an expose of the corruption involved in the planning and coverup of just this event alone, apart from subsequent scams being run on the American people.

This corruption in reality started centuries before. As Christ pointed out Satan is the Father of Lies and he does whatever he can to disguise and deceive mankind as to it’s true worth and splendor. As we are finding out almost all organizations, businesses and educational enterprises have been controlled by Cabal members. This system of evil and corruption is now being overthrown. There is a new Earth coming refreshed by the Spring rains of  God’s Agape. 

“Conspiracy” Theories

The phrase “conspiracy theory” has been demonized in the American culture. This has been done purposefully so we do not delve into subjects that the ruling elitists do not want to be exposed or brought to light.

As soon as most people hear some establishment shill speak of something as a “conspiracy theory” you are supposed to dismiss this as craziness.

I would suggest to you that instead of turning your cognitive reasoning off when you hear this phrase that you actually look deeper at what they are trying to sell you. Chances are they are selling you BS and the real truth can be found somewhere within the conspiracy theory.


If you pursue truth and actually want to know what is going on then retrain your mind and perception skills to turn off this mind control system that has been so thoroughly engrained in your consciousness.

Christianity Captures the Existential and Ontological Realities of Human Metaphysics

Law, Grace, Love, and Evil are all great themes in Scripture and in life. For many Christianity has become list of platitudes and self serving scriptural interpretations. But when we dig deeper we will find that the Christian story/Gospel is one that touches the fundamental elements/themes of human ontology and our existential lives lived in a broken world. No other worldview can incorporate the elements of our fundamental ontology as does Christianity. This blog and web and forthcoming book will take one into a deeper understanding of Christianity than can be found in the general discourses on the subject and hopefully will serve as what I would call ontological apologetics because Christianity is the fundamental answer to many of the mysteries of our existence.


Of all the categories of Christian Apologetics (i.e. Historicity, Archaeological, Textural, Anthropological etc.) it is to me the fact that it is the answer to the fundamental metaphysical dynamics of human ontology that is universal–The Fear of Death, The Law Written On Men’s Hearts, Good and Evil, and the Apprehension of the Numinous etc. Please excuse the big words but sometimes they serve as shortcuts to the use of many words. At some point I will attach a PDF here that goes into a further explanation of what I have written here. To me the simplest of Christian Apologetics is the ontological/metaphysical that is universal to all of humanity because it is existentially experienced by all of humanity regardless of culture/society. 

While Dr. Ernest Becker (author of the book “The Denial of Death”) never espoused Christianity as his belief system, his understanding of man’s fear of death is one of the most important keys in understanding the Christian faith and serves in many ways as psychological/metaphysical empirical evidence for the truth found in this faith. In it we also the find a partial etiology of human evil.

Central to this is Hebrews 2:15

” Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15and might free those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives.

How well scripture parallels human existential reality.


At no time in history has mankind been so mesmerized by artificial media. The majority of the media that surrounds us is designed to present false worldviews. Scientists and the media complex have studied mind control extensively and use this to control our actions and culture. As these control mechanisms extend and proliferate through new medias it becomes ever more apparent the truths that Dr. Becker delineated to us. Few can reach the insights into this mind control system unless they recognize the efforts that are made to disguise the real reality of the existential situation in which we live.

Most of the corruption and deceitfulness of the Mass Media can be blamed on the CIA Mockingbird program which started in the 60’s and still continues. This program infiltrated the large media organizations to spread false narratives and information to the American people as well as worldwide. It has tenaciously spread it’s tentacles to create a very false reality of events and circumstances. Currently (2018) the Mainstream Media can be considered treasonous and an enemy combatant of American sovereignty. I believe that their corruption is now becoming widely recognized by many Americans and out of the collapse of these entities will arise new future protections against such sedition. But for now they still have significant influence.

Most of us have been deceived by this sophisticated artificial matrix that has been constructed around us.

Playing upon the “fear of death” marketers and media entities pander to escapist propaganda and the presentation of distortions that get absorbed into the cultural and societal collective unconscious. Between this blog and the Thanatopian Institute’s website many of these deceits will be exposed. Some of these distortions are done purposefully and others done unwittingly.

This link will take you to a short video done by Dr. Uldo Ulfkatte that describes how world media now operates.

Click on this to see Dr. Ulfkatte 13 minute video on how the mainstream media actually operates.